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 #EUzaTEBE Campaigns in Serbia aims to raise public awareness of the EU in Serbia by advocating the benefits of Serbia’s accession to the EU and the EU assistance to Serbia, by creating a stronger emotional connection with the wider public on topics close to the citizen’s needs.

Through real stories of common people and their experience of the EU values, three integrated communication campaigns should reach out to the hearts of people in Serbia in a creative and engaging manner to reduce the distance between the Serbian citizens and the EU. Always-on rolling digital campaign active from May 2022 will involve continuous communication on social media and portals to support reach and effects of three main campaigns.

  • All Sectors Included - Horizontal project activity
EuropeAid reference
  • Implementation of three national scope communication campaigns
City / District
EU Contribution
1,620,000 €
Implementation period
January 2022 - June 2023
EU Delegation to Serbia
Implemented by
GDSI and New Moment